November 23, 2011. I experienced my first time in riding an LRT. I was with Leii, Ate Koreen, Yeye and Jondi. Hoho, how excited I was that time! There I go into the jam-packed vehicle. Haha! Someone from a bit behind me complained that I stepped on her foot, but I didn’t! That is how close the passengers were. We can’t even see each other’s foot.

I got down at the Balintawak station (where Yeye told me to). I’m very unfamiliar to the place. It’s almost 9pm and I’m on the verge of not being able to stop my bladder! Hahaha, anyway. I walked, looking for what Yeye told me to look for. THANK GOD for Kuya Jared. He told me what to ride and how to get to fairview. Whew! At past 9, I got to SM North terminal. It took a bit of a long time to fill-up the FX so I got home at a little before 10pm.

I won’t ever ride an LRT again. It took me 2 hours. Huhu, much better if I had just ridden a bus. Well, well. Something memorable as a first. :)

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